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3 Colored Lakes in Kelimutu National Park

When I first received my invitation to join Peace Corps Indonesia, it was never a question on whether I wanted to serve as a volunteer. I did, however, question the location. To help with this big decision, I went out and bought a Lonely Planet book. I hadn’t made a commitment yet, and I was … Continue reading

7 Days in Kanawa Island
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7 Days in Kanawa Island

Kanawa, an island located about an hour by boat from Labuan Bajo, is the type of beautiful you only see in travel magazines. From the minute we stepped off the boat, desires to remain in Kanawa forever were impulsively expressed—with good reason. An aquamarine sea brimmed with starfish composing underwater constellations that glistened in the … Continue reading

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8 Hundred Thousand Flying Foxes in Riung

According to Lonely Planet, Riung is a small fishing village surrounded by 21 islands making up the Seventeen Islands Marine Park—a name chosen out of nationalism rather than fact—in which you can snorkel and see flying foxes. I was immediately sold on the idea of spending some extended time near the beach for the first … Continue reading

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11 Songs to Characterize Flores

1. “Postcards from Italy” by Beirut – Ellen was brilliant and brought along her ukulele and she and Tim often graced us with this and other Beirut songs.   2. I’m counting the entire Jack Johnson In Between Dreams album as one, but particularly the songs “Better Together” and “Breakdown.”     3. “A Whole … Continue reading