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Educating Boys and Empowering Women

In light of some other incidents that have happened this week with PCV female friends*, I took the following pretty hard. Today was the last day of teaching in one of my favorite classes. This class is full of boys in 11th grade—43 of them to be exact—and it has often crossed my mind, especially … Continue reading

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Sunday Mornings (or Arisan Burung)

In theory, Sunday mornings are the one time I get to sleep in and enjoy “the weekend.” That’s a nice dream, but the reality is that my sleep often gets interrupted by the chatter and laughter of men gathering outside my window for their Sunday routine: the arisan burung, or bird reunion. This bird reunion … Continue reading

Teacher Problems, #9
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Teacher Problems, #9

Back in the day, teachers may have received apples from students. In Indonesia, entire classes of students celebrate certain events (such as getting through reciting the entire Al Qur’an) by giving all teachers food boxes. This is a common affair, but today I broke a record. Today alone, I received THREE food boxes and some … Continue reading