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The Indian Ocean & the Java Sea

Once upon a time, according to legend, lived a Javanese king who killed a sea snake, which became a rock in Batu Ulo, a beach on Java’s south coast lining the Indian Ocean. In Javanese, Batu Ulo literally means Stone Snake. Here are some photographs from there and from Pasir Putih, a beach in the north side of Java off the Java Sea.

Batu Ulo, Jember, Indonesia

None of the rocks looked like a snake to me…so…I don’t know what to say about that. Unfortunately, the panoramic shot didn’t exactly render very well.

Tide pools investigation in Batu Ulo

My host sister Miki walking on the beach.

The tragedy of developing countries – they have all the beauty in the world and don’t take care of it.

My host father Pak Edi and I.

Sunset in Batu Ulo

Fishing boats on the sand.

Fishing boats in the sea.

First dip in the Indian Ocean.

Drawing on the sand in Batu Ulo.

Dinner in Batu Ulo. That’s my host ibu in the picture.

Attempting to eat with my hands like Indonesians. Total fail.

Driving home through fields of tobacco.

Moving on to the Java Sea – Pasir Putih at sunrise.

Sailboats line the shore of Pasir Putih, Java Sea.

Walking on the dock with Julie, my closest PCV neighbor, and her counterpart. The mountain in the background is called Putri Tidur—Sleeping Lady.

Fishing on the dock.

Maybe this is why I’m here.

Submarine in the Java Sea. I think this is the first submarine I’ve seen in water. Pretty cool.

Click on the photo to see how Julie and I really felt about being on a boat.

The old man and the (Java) sea – our sailboat driver totally inspired me to read that book now.

The End.

5 thoughts on “The Indian Ocean & the Java Sea

  1. Hey!! Pasir Putih is the actual name of that beach. My family and I used to visit Banyuwangi (a little town 1 hour away from jember) and we’d always stop by Pasir Putih for a stretch break and for a fresh young coconut juice 🙂 I’ve never been to Batu Ulo, though! It looks beautiful!!

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