The 10 Best Things About Indonesia (According to Indonesian Students)
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The 10 Best Things About Indonesia (According to Indonesian Students)

I’ve resigned to the fact that 27 months is an insufficient amount of time to know any place well. I know I’m still in the dark about a lot of things that make Indonesia special and beautiful. In an effort to quickly learn about things I may be missing –and to get an insider’s perspective— … Continue reading

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Thailand in 19 Photos and 1 Video

Thailand is a tourist’s playground. Getting around is simple and systematic. Travel agents can be found anywhere to help you arrange your transportation to any part of the country, including to its “isolated” islands. They speak good English. A system of planes, trains, buses and boats are coordinated efficiently and filled with tourists from all … Continue reading

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A Soundtrack for Southeast Asia (+Photos)

The music that characterized the events and cities I passed through in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. (Title links to song.) 1. “The Veldt (feat. Chris James)” – deadmau5 Album Title Goes Here was my album of choice during a sleepless overnight journey from Bangkok to South Thailand. 2. “Save the World (feat. John Martin)” – … Continue reading

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Peace Corps Ruined Travel For Me

During the two-week semester break from our schools, two volunteers and I backpacked across Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. All of us are now back in Indonesia—ready to complete the second year of our Peace Corps service—but upon traveling extensively outside of this country together, I’ve gained a lot of perspective on just how much Peace … Continue reading

One Year in Peace Corps Indonesia: Things I’ve Learned
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One Year in Peace Corps Indonesia: Things I’ve Learned

My last blog post was primarily about exchanging time for money (i.e. jobs), or in my case as a PCV, exchanging time for experiences. However, there’s another element to this thought and that is how time is best spent. I’m generally content with all that I have accomplished in a year in Peace Corps. One … Continue reading

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1 Snowman Made in the Sand

Awhile back, I mentioned that my strategy for dealing with my first Christmas away from home was to ignore it completely, to have it go by as if it were any other day.  I’m happy to say this didn’t occur. Spending Christmas in Riung certainly made the holiday different than anything I’ve ever experienced, but … Continue reading