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Things I Never Thought I Would Say Outside of a College Setting

and definitely NEVER in the Peace Corps.

  1. Yay! No Friday classes! I definitely had to rearrange my teaching schedule for that one.
  2. Are you going to take a nap? Indonesians get up so early they usually must nap in the afternoon in order to survive the day.
  3. Ugh, I have to go to school on Saturday. In college it was to study, now it is to teach. Both suck.
  4. I have an early class tomorrow. And by “early” I mean it starts at 6:45am – a time that didn’t even exist to me as a college student—unless I pulled an all-nighter or you know, went out all night.
  5. I’m only going to this meeting for the food. When most meetings held are in a language I don’t understand, I have to look at the bright side of absolute boredom—even though I’ve probably eaten two other times before said meeting and will probably be expected to eat again once I get home.

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