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Sunday Mornings (or Arisan Burung)

In theory, Sunday mornings are the one time I get to sleep in and enjoy “the weekend.” That’s a nice dream, but the reality is that my sleep often gets interrupted by the chatter and laughter of men gathering outside my window for their Sunday routine: the arisan burung, or bird reunion.

My host father (in beige) and his bird posse.

This bird reunion is an event held by my host father, which attracts a lot of men from my neighborhood to bring their birds and their cages and hang them in this bamboo contraption my host father had built in the front of the house (a few meters from my window.)

These birds literally hang out together.

it’s a strange, but entertaining event to witness. Indonesian men bring their birds, let them get some new air and show them off to their friends, while smoking, drinking coffee and hanging out together. Nicole, a PCV in my area, pointed out that this arisan burung is the equivalent of a dog park in the United States – and she’s right. So perhaps…it’s not that strange after all?

This may not be that weird, when compared to a dog park, but it’s still HILARIOUS to watch. (Yet, I’d enjoy it more if it started later in the morning!)

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