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Sunday Mornings (or Arisan Burung)

In theory, Sunday mornings are the one time I get to sleep in and enjoy “the weekend.” That’s a nice dream, but the reality is that my sleep often gets interrupted by the chatter and laughter of men gathering outside my window for their Sunday routine: the arisan burung, or bird reunion. This bird reunion … Continue reading

The Absolute Worst Thing About Indonesia
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The Absolute Worst Thing About Indonesia

Mold is the ABSOLUTE WORST thing about living in Indonesia. I clean and wipe it off daily and safeguard my clothes and shoes to my best ability and it still grows. I’m over the rainy season. Nothing is ever dry! Does anyone know how to stop this madness?!? Continue reading

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3 Colored Lakes in Kelimutu National Park

When I first received my invitation to join Peace Corps Indonesia, it was never a question on whether I wanted to serve as a volunteer. I did, however, question the location. To help with this big decision, I went out and bought a Lonely Planet book. I hadn’t made a commitment yet, and I was … Continue reading

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What Indonesia Sounds Like

Silence is a sound in Indonesia. It’s so rare that you hear it. The first thing that whispers is the wind. It whistles through the trees, strumming blades of grass and scraping dry leaves across dirt roads and crisp ceramic floors. Birds hoot, chime, sing at different volumes and frequencies from varying distances and directions. … Continue reading