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12 Hours (x 2) in Bali

Bali was the starting point of our Flores trip. Our crew made the journey together by bus to Denpasar, where we took a flight out to the island. The late night bus ride through Bali was an adventure of its own—as bus rides in Indonesia often are—where we were granted various opportunities to contemplate what life after death would be like. In between that, we squeezed in a few games and silly activities for “Tim’s 25th Birthday in a Bus” celebration. Upon our surprisingly safe arrival to the Denpasar bus terminal, we proceeded to the airport where we spent the next several hours hanging out in Starbucks until our early morning flight to Ende.

This is Jay’s Sonnet, a silly birthday task given to him by Tim during our Bali bus ride. We all had similar tasks, but Jay’s was the only one recorded. (Warning: This will only be entertaining for people who actually know Jay and/or were on the trip.)

Bali was also the ending point of our Flores journey, where we spent the night in Kuta Beach with the intention of meeting other PCVs coming from the Gili Islands, going out and spending the next 12 hours eating every possible thing we cannot access at site. Sadly, we were only able to eat Mexican food once and a wide array of breakfast foods the next morning. We were also too tired to actually go out, but instead, we spent a memorable evening in deep conversation about many things, but particularly, the effects of losing something irreplaceable.

Tim and I being silly, attempting to eat everything on the breakfast menu including a basket of fries.

Tim and I being silly, attempting to eat everything on the breakfast menu including a basket of fries.

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