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15 Days in Flores, Indonesia

* for more logistical details about traveling to Flores check out this blog post.

Blogging about 15 days in any place would be a difficult task. So my creative approach to this challenge is to retell my experience through 15 little anecdotes, which I will post over the next couple of weeks. The anecdotes will cover events that occurred while five PCVs and I backpacked our way through the island of Flores in Indonesia over our schools’ semester break, which coincided with the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. The stories will not follow chronological order, but they did happen and well, linear time is overrated anyways.

At first I had the idea of writing a song “15 Days in Flores” set to the tune of “12 Days of Christmas.” That song has been written throughout the course of our travels, but it must be adapted for blog form. This is that adaptation.

As the first of the fifteen, this post is a point of reference with an introduction to the Flores Crew:

On the left: David, Jay and Kayla On the right: Me (Melanie), Tim and Ellen

On the left: David, Jay and Kayla
On the right: Me (Melanie), Tim and Ellen

and a timeline of all the places we hit in chronological order:

Flores TimelinePlease refer to this post for orientation if there’s any confusion on the following stories.

Stay tuned.

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