The Beginning (Wish You Were Here)
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The Beginning (Wish You Were Here)

“Tell me, Legolas, why did I come on this Quest? Little did I know where the chief peril lay! Truly Elrond spoke, saying that we could not foresee what we might meet upon our road. Torment in the dark was the danger that I feared, and it did not hold me back. But I would not … Continue reading

The 10 Best Things About Indonesia (According to Indonesian Students)
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The 10 Best Things About Indonesia (According to Indonesian Students)

I’ve resigned to the fact that 27 months is an insufficient amount of time to know any place well. I know I’m still in the dark about a lot of things that make Indonesia special and beautiful. In an effort to quickly learn about things I may be missing –and to get an insider’s perspective— … Continue reading

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A Soundtrack for Southeast Asia (+Photos)

The music that characterized the events and cities I passed through in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. (Title links to song.) 1. “The Veldt (feat. Chris James)” – deadmau5 Album Title Goes Here was my album of choice during a sleepless overnight journey from Bangkok to South Thailand. 2. “Save the World (feat. John Martin)” – … Continue reading

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11 Songs to Characterize Flores

1. “Postcards from Italy” by Beirut – Ellen was brilliant and brought along her ukulele and she and Tim often graced us with this and other Beirut songs.   2. I’m counting the entire Jack Johnson In Between Dreams album as one, but particularly the songs “Better Together” and “Breakdown.”     3. “A Whole … Continue reading

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Teacher Problems, #5: The Miserable & Magical Edition

Teacher Problem: Moderately liking a sugary pop song because your students overplay it…and then the next thing you know, you’re hoarding three entire Taylor Swift albums* and THEN, listening to these for your personal enjoyment and finding a song that actually relates to your life. The sum of my life as a PCV: “We’re happy, … Continue reading

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What Indonesia Sounds Like

Silence is a sound in Indonesia. It’s so rare that you hear it. The first thing that whispers is the wind. It whistles through the trees, strumming blades of grass and scraping dry leaves across dirt roads and crisp ceramic floors. Birds hoot, chime, sing at different volumes and frequencies from varying distances and directions. … Continue reading