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A Soundtrack for Indonesia

(If you’re interested in what Indonesia naturally sounds like, you can read this.)

These are a few songs that have characterized Indonesia for me. The songs that have salvaged my sanity by helping drown out the incessant Katy Perry and Bruno Mars* played by my host siblings. The highlight tracks to a lot of writing, reading, thinking on rooftops, porches, bike rides and walks through (my interpretation of) Indonesian daily life—its culture, villages, mountains and open, feral fields—and my experience here.

Sunblocks – Ratatat This will always be the theme song to my Indonesia experience. Before writing this post, I had never seen the video to this song and I find it even more fitting now since the girl could easily pass for an Indonesian.

Walking on a Dream –Empire of the Sun – I’ve also never seen this video until now. Such a strange coincidence.


Scenic World (Version) – Beirut – a borrowed or possibly, stolen, song from another PCV.

Lost in the World – Kanye West – Sometimes, I do feel lost in the world and I am new in the city…

Mr. Ranger – Kid Cudi – and I am off in an adventure…

Tomorrow Comes Today – Gorillaz – and I have no earthly idea what day it is—because it doesn’t often matter—and once, tomorrow did, in fact, come a day early.

Will Do – TV on the Radio

Feel Free – Mozez

Burn it Down – Linkin Park – this song came on my iPod as people were burning trash in the lot in front of my house. It was both, upsetting and amusing.

Sunshine – David Guetta & Avicii

(*I love Katy Perry and I’m cool with Bruno Mars. I’m not hating on those artists, but it is seriously excessive.)

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