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The Malang Bird Market & Other Adventures

Last weekend we finally had one day to explore Malang. Using the Lonely Planet Indonesia book as a guide, another volunteer and I hit up Malang’s main attractions, which included the Pasar Senggol (Bird Market), Pasar Bunga (Flower Market) and Hotel Tugu, which has an extensive collection of Asian art.

Though birds in cages are probably one of the saddest sights, the Pasar Senggol turned out to be a very colorful experience. Hotel Tugu had incredible sculptures and art as well but unfortunately, I was told not to take pictures inside…

But I sneaked in a few.

Rules are meant to be broken, right?

Turtles in the Malang Flower Market – “i like turtles!” (Miss you, Santi!)

Tile Maker in the Malang Flower Market

Malang Flower Market

Malang Flower Market

Blue Bird – Malang Bird Market. The beginning of a colorful experience.

Locusts in Malang Bird Market – These are sold as bird food. The cage isn’t closed, but the locusts don’t escape. Run, locust, run!

Every type of bird seed in Malang Bird Market

Animal Feed in Malang

Bat in Malang Bird Market. In some areas of Indonesia, bats are so big they are called flying dogs, and are eaten. I’m not sure if this bat is being sold for food or not.

Ugliest Bird in Malang Bird Market – I can’t decide if this is chicken or just another bird, but it is by far the ugliest bird I have ever seen. (Nati, I’m sure this is your worst nightmare.)

Quail-Looking Bird in Malang Bird Market

Parakeets in the Malang Bird Market.

Another Parakeet in Malang Bird Market

Bird With A Blue Streak – Malang Bird Market

Birds with Blue Beaks in a Wooden Cage – Malang Bird Market. This is probably my favorite picture.

Green Bird in Malang Bird Market

Rabbits and Guinea Pig in Malang Bird Market. I’m not sure if these are pets or food. Probably, the latter.

Colorful Black Bird in Malang Bird Market

Red Bird in Malang Bird Market

Yellow and Orange Birds in Malang Bird Market

Live Bird Feed in Malang Bird Market. Yes, those are live worms.

Owls in Malang Bird Market – The saddest bird to see in a cage is an owl, but it’s the only bird I’d want to own.

Mongoose-looking Animal in Malang Bird Market

Some More Owls in Malang Bird Market

Dogs in Malang Bird Market

Flying Squirrel in Malang Bird Market – The price of one flying squirrel – 100,000 IDR. So basically, the coolest pet you can have for $10.

Bule, or Justin (aka Justin Bieber!), in the Malang Bird Market.

Indonesian Man in Malang Bird Market

Indonesian Bird Seller in Malang Bird Market

Buddha Statue in Tugu Hotel Malang – I was doing so well at not taking pictures until I saw this. Too cool to pass up.

This picture is a little blurry because there were hotel workers around, but it is a hot pink Hindu statue, so I had to take a picture of it.

Purple Hallway and Beautiful Pillars in Hotel Tugu Malang – The detailing of the pillars was amazing and so was the painting at the end of the hallway.

Beautiful Painting in Hotel Tugu Malang

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