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Arema vs. Mitra Kukar – Our Indonesian Football Experience

Last Thursday, May 16th, about 22 volunteers ventured to an Arema vs. Mitra Kukar soccer game. We had to endure the hottest bus ride and pretty bad traffic in order to get to Stadium Kanjuruhan, but the game turned out to be pretty exciting and ended with a score of 5 for Arema and 3 for Mitra Kukar.

All of our culture facilitators are from Malang and hard-core Arema fans, so whether we like it or not, we too must be.

I like the lion -Arema’s mascot – so I’m not complaining.

All of us at of Stadium Kanjuruhan. My vision was pretty limited, but I still managed to see some of the goals.

Arema is in blue and Mitra Kukar is green.

Arema stuffed lions decorated both ends of the field.

Arema fans watching intensely.

I kinda felt like this kid was going for the Gryffindor team in a Quidditch match in Harry Potter.

I read an article about Indonesia that talked about Extra Joss vodka shots, which is illegal everywhere except in Indonesia and the Philippines. I’m not sure if the powder is illegal or if the mixture of it with alcohol is. Regardless, we had to try it (no worries…it’s vodka-less).

Seth, me and Mike drinking Extra Joss energy drink out of a bag. Oh, Indonesia.

Mike drinking Extra Joss in one shot. My look pretty much covers the daily interaction between Mike and I. I wanted to enjoy my Extra Joss. It was not a race, Mike.

Excited Arema fans waving flags. I couldn’t really take a picture of the slogan…but it says “This Is Arema!”

Excited Arema fans with flares…it looks much worse than (I think) it was.

This Arema fan is living on the edge. Literally.

Stadion Kanjuruhan – Final Score.

Village group picture with Teguh, a hardcore Arema fan.

Emily and I posing for some pictures. Throughout the game we were all asked to take several pictures with other Arema fans.

Arema for life.

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