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One Month in Indonesia in Pictures

I’ve gone to two weddings in Indonesia. They give you boxes of pastries as wedding favors.

Colorful Indonesia Pastry – Bikang – It’s so pretty but I’m not a fan of the texture, kind of like soggy bread.

This is my village group on our first hike to Banyak Mountain.

Top of the Banyak Mountain with Sarah, who also lives in my village.

Paragliding off Banyak Mountain – I’m definitely doing this!

Kids flying kites on Rooftops in Sidomulyo

Crazy looking bird in this small restaurant with a large animal collection.

Oh hi there, lil river otter!

crazy looking monkey…

I’m hoping I didn’t understand correctly…but he said these snakes live around here.

Traditional market in Batu

Goldfish for sale are not for pets. They eat mosquito larvae in mandi water.

Traditional market in Batu

Fruit chips are very popular in this area. They make chips out of anything including rice.

Crabs and fish and the traditional market.

Bebek – or duck for sale at the traditional market.

Lea, Teguh and Tammy bargaining at the pesar tradisional in Batu.

Teguh and Mike at the pesar tradisional – Yes, Mike’s hat says Bamboo Banger – and there’s a panda banging bamboo sticks.

Our first mosque experience. All the girls had to wear veils as a sign of respect.

Kids at the Mosque

Tasya dressed in traditional Javanese clothing.

Tasya in her family’s flower garden – her father, Saipin, is a flower farmer.

Saipin’s flowers.

Every week we meet with the people in the closest village. This is my favorite spot in our area so far – it is called Teletubby Hill.

Paragliding Practice.

Teddy (Seth’s host brother) riding his bike.

Our village link group, getting ready to play frisbee.

Small warong (restaurant) in my village with Tammy and Sarah

My village group celebrating two weeks in Indonesia – from left to right – Mike, Sam, Tammy, Sarah and Lea. I spend all day, every day with these people in language class, culture class and teaching practice.

Karaoke in Malang – pretty much the most fun you can have for $5.00 an hour.

Teguh rocking out in karaoke.

Cycling in Malang – I almost died because it was almost all uphill. Eating nasi goreng (fried rice) for breakfast before cycling – not a good idea.

Some of these hills were so steep, the truth is I walked most of these. It was worth it just to go downhill! So fun and beautiful.

The whole Peace Corps cycling group.

At the base of Panderman Hill – four hours later we were at the top.

View from the base of Panderman Mountain

Dee Dee and I pretending not to be exhausted.

Rachel, Me, Pallavee and Dee Dee taking a break after 3 hours or so. We were told “only 20 more minutes” about 6 times.

Village group pic at the top of Panderman Mountain

The view from Panderman. This looks fake – but it isn’t.

Not the kids I teach, but cute either way!

8 thoughts on “One Month in Indonesia in Pictures

  1. fotonyamu saaaangat hebat, mbak! (gorgeous gorgeous photos!)
    sekhususnya yang paling suka yang 2 laki2 di masjid dari diatas! hope all is going well in training!

  2. GAGAAAA tienes una pasada de fotos! soy tu fan.. te seguire intensamente jejejejeje GAAGAAAAA in da HOUSE!!

    • Gracias Santi! Recibí la foto que me mandaste! Que Cool! Mandame o pon en fb mas fotos de Europa! Les extraño! Saludos a María!

  3. Meli! Estan increibles tus fotos!!! y me gusta muchisimo tu blog! como el Santi, yo tambien soy tu fan. Sigue posting!

  4. Put some explanation!!!! I want to know what the pictures are about!!!!!
    Looks like you are doing a great job there and it seems like you are having fun. Cool snake,weird bird and UGLY MONKEY!!!!!!
    Love You,

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