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Teacher Problems, #17

Today I was sitting in my semi-office grading papers when I witnessed a black and white cat I’ve often seen around school sneak in quietly. I tried shooing it away, but when it wouldn’t move from a corner, I looked and discovered her litter of four newborn kittens lying under a desk. I’m not big on cats, but seeing this tender mother attending to her kittens won my heart and in my naive excitement, I made the worst mistake of telling my counterpart about it.

Since the classroom is actually his office, he had the kittens promptly removed by the janitor as I nearly wept, telling him the kittens were going to die exposed to the elements, particularly the harsh rain that spontaneously occurs during this season. He assured me that they would be put by the canteen where they will have shelter and food and will be fine. I retold the story to my ibu who also says the kittens will be fine if the mother is around. Still, I can’t help feeling like a cat family killer.

Teacher Problem: Unwanted baby animals in classrooms and having to be an “adult” and have them removed.

I’m sorry kitties!

If it weren’t for a no pets rule in Peace Corps and the fact that my host fam would never accept 5 cats in our house, I would have adopted them all. Worst day ever. 😥

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