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My Family’s Best Moments in Indonesia

1. When a little bit of food turned into a flock of birds standing on my brother’s head.

“Oh, HAI!”

2. Flirty peacocks.

“Hey, girl. Check out mah feathers.”

3. Dancin’ Elephant – A Music Video

I wish the quality of the video were better…but the HD version would take FOREVER to upload.

Ah! Can’t get enough of this baby elephant!

4. Rollin’ like Indiana Jones at the Monkey Temple in Ubud.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Rabid Monkeys

5. Trying the most expensive coffee in the world: Kopi Luwak.

Livin’ large and pooping out gold.

6. My birthday cake with improv fist candles. (Too cool to explain.)

An awesome array of cakes for my 26th birthday!

7. Hardcore Surfer Beach tours.

One could only enter this water by going out through a cavern on a surf board. I really need to learn surfing.

8. Temple #3059 = Tanah Lot.

Rice on the Forehead – Participating in Hindu rituals.

9. Eating Ecuadorian foods in Bali.

Choclo en Bali. Solo faltaba el queso!

10. Eating coconut like a boss.

“I’m the boss at being the boss, since 1999.”

11. Eating mie (noodles) and nasi (rice) for breakfast like an Indonesian boss.

He’s better at the PC life than I am.

12. Finding UFOs sculpted into Borobudur.

We knew it! Aliens made this place.

13. My brother’s #BatmanWisdom.

I told my brother to be careful because he could fall, and he quoted this back to me: “Why do we fall, Bruce? So we can learn to pick ourselves up.”

His #BatmanWisdom inspired me to try it.

14. My dad getting used to the Indonesian “AC.”

On our ride to Bondowoso. Just be glad it wasn’t a bus!

15. My dad encountering cabe (chili) in his nasi goreng (fried rice).

His expression says it all.

16. Ibu meets Ibu.

I love my ibus!

17. Brother meets host brother.

They can’t communicate, but they still managed to get into mischief and soak their clothes playing in the ocean.

18. My dad learning to eat with his hands.

19. My host father teaching my dad how to wear a sarong.

Oh yea. Totally working the sarong.

20. Wearing batik like a boss.

21. Hanging out on the floor and giving speeches of love and gratitude at my principal’s house.

Whoa. Translating from Bahasa Indonesia, to English, to Spanish made my head spin. I may or may not have made my own interpretations of all their lovely words.

22. Reviewing airplane safety measures.

Good thing my family is religious. Catholic prayer, included.

23. Seeing this spectacular sight of a million flying foxes at sunset.

This sight is truly amazing. Its magnitude cannot be captured in a photograph.

24. Chillin’ with komodos.

No big deal.

25. Flying lizards.

No flying lizards were harmed in the taking of this photo.

26. Snorkeling in Komodo National Park and surviving all these creatures.

Sharks, lion fish, puffer fish, banded sea kraits…! WE LIVED!

The best thing I saw.

27. Selfies.

28. Photobombs.


29. Cat Naps.

Don’t be fooled by her angelic look. Feistiness on hold.

30. “Esta tan caliente que la taza se esta derritiendo!” / “It’s so hot the cup is melting!” My dad got jokes.

Amazed at how hot Indonesians get the water to be.

31. Getting to act like Crazy Kids with my brother.

Requesting our jam to the live band.

“We the ones that play hard
We live hard, we love hard
We light up the dark.”

32. ❤ Gracias, familia, por viajar tan lejos para visitarme! Me alegro poder compartir una parte de mi vida con ustedes. Love and miss you, always!

2 thoughts on “My Family’s Best Moments in Indonesia

  1. Thank YOU!! If it wasn’t for you we never would of had such an amazing vacation, visited such a beautiful and diverse country, integrated with a different culture of beautiful people and had the best time of our lives! You are the best travel agent! So…. What are we doing next year…… Love you and miss you!

  2. What a great experience for all of you!! I loved looking through all these pictures…keep enjoying your time there, even though you get home sick, you’ll never always have this great education and memories!

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