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A Drive Around Bondowoso

November 15th marked the first day of the Islamic year: Muharram 1, 1434.  To celebrate this, all the students and teachers from my school take a motorcycle drive around Bondowoso every year. As a Peace Corps volunteer, I am not allowed to ride a motorcycle (which is the reason why I was feeling left out in my last post) but, sometimes, following rules has its benefits.

For the Muharram Safari—as it was called—I got to ride a sweet car with my favorite teacher, Bu Mut, and her husband, Pak Adi. The car was equipped with air conditioning, TV screens and surround sound and it led the caravan of about 700 students and teachers as we rode around for a few hours.  Although it was tempting to watch the newest Spiderman film that was playing, the scenery was too pretty to resist.

I haven’t made a video since college and my camera is notoriously bad for recording, but here’s a short clip of my drive around Bondowoso.

Song: Bare Feast – Ratatat
For better viewing, change the video quality to HD.

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