Losing Life Skills?

I traveled half way around the world after two years of supporting myself completely, just to regress on life skills in Indonesia.

Not only does my Indonesian host family cook for me, feed me and take care of me to the fullest, but I have now hit a new low. The other day, my Ibu (or mother) took me into her prayer room where she has a collection of Tasya’s stuffed animals and asked me to pick one….to sleep with.

Um, who am I kidding? I love it.

It was between the bunny or a stuffed watermelon wedge. I think I made the right choice.

(I really don’t want to leave this family at the end of training!)

8 thoughts on “Losing Life Skills?

  1. U know…I hadn’t realized I could leave comments here till today!
    Btw I think its an adorable…u definitely made the right choice.
    love you!

  2. Everything looks so amazing Mel! Y yo tambien estoy aprendiendo de tus posts! Me contenta muchisimo todo lo que estas viviendo! Besitos mil queridisima!

    • They are awesome! It’s going better with the food. I think I made a breakthrough. I finally told my family i don’t like tempe and that I need to be served less rice. They want me to get fat, and they literally want me to eat 24/7 but I’m comfortable enough with them now to just tell them that I’ve had enough. Food drama!

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